Psalter Hymnal

A joint project of the United Reformed Churches in North America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church


The 2006 OPC General Assembly directed its Committee on Christian Education to “develop a Psalter-Hymnal ... which includes musical settings of all 150 Psalms, in their entirety, with as much accuracy and as little archaic language and confusing syntax as possible.” In 2012 the URC, whose Psalter-hymnal Committee had been working on a revised Psalter-hymnal for some years, accepted the OPC’s invitation to join in this project. The two committees began collaboration in earnest that fall.
The proposed Psalter was presented to the OPC General Assembly in June, 2013 (to view the report, click here). It is hoped that the OPC General Assembly and URC Synod will give final approval to both the Psalter and hymnal selections by 2016, with production to begin thereafter.
Interested members of the churches are invited to examine the Psalter selections on this website. A password is required. OPCers may obtain the password from the CCE secretary; URCers may get it from the URC Psalter-hymnal Committee chairman. Once you have the password, click here to view a list of files, which appear in order. If Acrobat Reader is installed, clicking on a file will display the text and music in your browser. You may print out a single copy of each selection for your own personal use, but after evaluation it should be destroyed, as copyrights need to be secured. Comments and suggestions may be sent to Wording and musical notation are constantly being perfected, so keep checking back for the latest version. Thank you for your prayerful interest in this project.